How to Get More of Life During Retirement Age
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How to Get More of Life During Retirement Age

How to Get More of Life During Retirement Age

Seniors, Senior Citizen and the elderly are the common terms for a person who comes with the retirement age. Retirement age at which an individual can retire from his or her job position and receive all the benefits guaranteed under a retirement plan.   A major part of life is working so hard, and  the time has come to enjoy the fruits of labor.   Now, what comes next ? Life continues with the retirees, here are ways how to get more out of life during retirement age :

Stay positive.   Although anxiety usually comes in with the elderly, try to counteract the worries and enjoy life instead.  Every morning is a new day,  do something that would keep the  spirit alive.

Explore new horizons. Travelling is one of the most enjoyable and enriching activity after years of hardwork since taking a vacation is often missed because of end to end schedules. An exploration of new environment gives an opportunity to see more of the beauty of the world, increase knowledge, widens perspective, and able to meet people of different culture.

Pursue and widen interests.    In younger days, personal interests and hobbies are being neglected because the main focus are generating income and taking care of the family.  Now is the time to pursue personal pastimes like writing, gardening, painting, playing a musical instrument, go into sports, learn new things in the computer such as joining social media groups and other networking sites.  Browse the web  with  subjects of interest  and discover untold wealth of information.  It is never too late to learn and keep up with the new generation.

youtube video courtesy of havelah

Keep the heart,mind and body healthy.

• Avoid heated arguments and emotional conflicts. Have a regular cardiovascular check-up with the family doctor.

• Quit smoking and drink alcohol moderately. Too much alcohol is bad for arthritis, overweight, and cardiovascular diseases.

• Exercise regularly by doing light exercises or taking a brisk walk around the neighborhood. Walking stimulates the senses and it gets the  blood circulating.

• Eat plenty of protein,iron,ascorbic acid and calcium.

• Drink plenty of plain water without sugar or caffeine and other liquids with chemicals. Water can keep the body balance and help maintain healthy weight. It also reduces drowsiness and fatigue.

• Cut down on butter, fats and oil.

• Our body needs exercise so as our mind. Continue to be updated with the latest news and keep the habit of reading books. Reading helps largely in sharpening memory.

Build Relationships.  Spend quality moments with family and enjoy being around with  grandchildren as well as taking  time to have some coffee moments with valued friends who had been there through the years.  Build new relationships by joining a group which brings  a sense of belongingness and worthiness.  One example is do volunteering in church or joining charity activities which are opportunities to share oneself in giving time to those in need.

Reconnect with yourself. Have a regular schedule of giving yourself alone without the noisy distractions around. Take time to reconnect with your own self and just enjoy the serenity by meditating peacefully in silence. Keep the religious faith within and reconnect soul to the divine spirit. Meditation and prayer can keep the  mind healthy and rejuvenates the soul.


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Comments (18)
Toni Star

Very good article, especially your words on reconnecting with yourself. Having been in retirement for several years I can attest to your words. Retirement takes time to adjust but once that happens, it can be a worthwhile venture...Toni

excellent article

Thanks Toni and Carol for visiting this post. Take care both of you. :-D

I'm only semi-retired but I'm busier now than ever and having so much fun. Learning new things is so important.

In John Robbins book "Healthy at 100", he compares other countries' lifestyles to the U.S. His discovery is that "it is not diet or exercise alone that help people to live welll past 100. The quality of personal relationships is enormously important. He cites startling new evidence about the effects of our interactions and that loneliness has more impact on life span than vices such as smoking." Aside from that, did you know that many states offer free college courses (sans the credits) for seniors - some at 62 and 65 and older? There is no excuse to stop exercising your brain. :)

Great Article. Another helpful article. Keep writing..

good one. Thanks for sharing

@ Val Good to hear that you are enjoying life to the fullest. Good health always :-D @ Marie Thanks for your inputs, yes I agree interactions is very important..specifically the power of human touch. @ Athena welcome :-D

You know, it is really just good ole common horse sense. Great advice here. Hope to get there soon :)

Good advice. Gotta stay busy and involved.

My grandfather is going through this. He just doesn't know what to do know that he's retired and seems he is more sick than ever. I think its because he isn't connecting with people and isn't exercising his mind. Great article!

@Susan Thanks for visiting. @Pat Good to know you are still active on writing @Taylor Thanks for your sharing,hope he gets better. It is also good for family members to be aware of senior citizen's needs.

good tips for the retired persons.

This is very good, I wish my dad could enjoy his retirement, unfortunately he lost all of his savings and now scrapes to get by every month and has a car that breaks down all the time. It breaks my heart. I keep hoping someday he will catch a break and be able to enjoy at least a bit of life.

@Rae, hope your dad will be able to enjoy life even in simple ways. Thanks for visiting. Thanks for all your comments.

Just included a video of a cute senior couple playing the piano in one piece. She is 62 and he is almost 90. :-D


Excellent article, really great tips. i need to tell my mum about this ,especially the quitting smoking :D Buzzed up ;o)